Negative Side to Smoking

ImageKnowing few negative side effects of smoking can rise a new motivation to quit smoking. One of the facts that are in the cigarette is that it has over 3500 various substances that are harmful to the body. These include cell damage and overall incorrect oriented dysfunction of the body. There are also eighty serious chemicals that are hazardous to the body, of smoke related livelihood.

Nicotine as this substance is responsible for switching on the brain’s receptor to nicotine addiction. Once this is established, the smoking tends to continue itself for most of the livelihood to one’s unfortunate. Every inhale of a cigarette enters the bodies’ cell function, and this give a way to kill the cell or mutate to a different attributes, that body had in first place in good functional order.

Tobacco is responsible for over twenty five diseases that also can give rise to a weakness in the body to amplify other problems. In short if an individual has minor illness, this can be aided via smoking leading to more serious illnesses. Tobacco kills approximately five million people a year on global scale, and this can rise to more deaths via aggravated diseases in the body.

As seen on statistics we have one point one billion smokers in the world, and eight hundred million of that figure reside in developed nations.

Smoking for various people derive from social system, life style, social gathering, and getting of that relaxation sessions that nicotine achieves. However it is strongly recommended that nicotine is bad chemical and a negative stimulant not a bliss enhancer. The young people tend to start smoking from ages eleven to fifteen, in which the risk factor, to end their life is very high.

One of the reasons that young society do smoke is a pressure from their associates or counterparts, that to prove oneself on the given grounds and hence competition is in progress. This will give rise to powerful addiction where tobacco and nicotine are the arch enemy producing this addiction.

One last factor here is that when a female is pregnant, and they smoke, the chances are that it could lead to be a less developed infant or if extreme inhaling of cigarettes can also cause a cot death.

In conclusion, these facts may be apparent to smoker, or not, but hopefully it may serve as help to those who want or need to quit smoking.


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